The 7 Best Nail Art Subscription Boxes To Try

Sometimes you don't have the time to go to a nail salon and get a manicure done. Not to mention how a single visit can stack up depending on what you ask the nail technician to do and cost a fortune. But that shouldn't deter you from having pretty nails.

Below you'll find several nail art subscriptions boxes that can help you get a beautiful manicure in the comfort of your home. They're all affordable, and even a nail newbie can handle them. Give them a try and see which one works the best for you.

Fearless Nail Art boxes follow a theme, and themes change monthly. Previous ones have included florals, animal prints, and geometric shapes. You can choose between two subscriptions or getting the box as a one-off purchase.

The monthly Fearless Nail Art costs $14.99 and gets you one stamping plate and four or five items you can use to put on your nail. Like, decals, rhinestones, stickers, dotting tools, foils, and so on. The first box you get will come with a stamping polish kit (only for US recipients) and a stamper/scraper.

The bi-monthly box is $12.99, and the one-off box is $9.99. It comes with ten items from previous boxes and doesn't come with a stamping plate. You're free to cancel or skip a month whenever you want.

NailDrama aims to make manicures a fun activity you can use for creative expression. Each box is themed, so if you get drawn to a specific theme, be sure to get it because once the month ends, that's your chance gone.

There are two subscription boxes. You can get the Nail Art Monthly Box that starts from $14.99 and can reach $150, or the Polish Strips that's between $24.99 and $276. You're free to cancel your commitment at any point.

The first subscription gets you a curated box of five or six items you can get creative with and use on your nails. The other comes with two sets of easy-to-apply polish strips that you've chosen.

Chrysobox provides you with an array of quality nail products, like lacquers, gel polishes, artful accessories, tools, and more. Each box gets you everything you need to care for and cater to your nails, get creative, and have fun.

Chrysobox offers subscriptions for three, six, or twelve months, as well as a month-to-month one. The longer you subscribe for, the more you save. A monthly box costs $34.95, while the others are $100, $199, and $397, respectively. You have no obligations and are free to cancel whenever.

A Chrysobox box comes with four to five nail care products, nail tools, and artistic accessories. A big perk is that if you sign up for three months, you'll get a free UV gel lamp. A UV/LED gel lamp is sold on the site separately and costs $95.

Doing your nails can be such a calming experience. Maniology prizes creativity and creative expression and wants people to use their nails as a canvas for fun. Instead of boring nails, they encourage you to be adventurous.

Maniology boxes follow monthly themes, like Halloween, Outta This World, and so on. The boxes come with everything you need to create beautiful nail art. Everything is coordinated well, and you also get a surprise gift each month.

There are three subscription options you can choose from: monthly, three-month, and six-month. They cost $25.00 per month, $22.50, and $20.00, respectively. Each box contains two exclusive stamping plates and two polishes that work well together.

Halo Hand offers a Seasonal Nail Color Kit Subscription. Since the subscription is seasonal, you get it four times a year. It costs $52.00 and grants you signature, limited edition colors that suit their particular season. The kit contents are also full of trendy colors and fun.

Halo Hand products are made with vegan ingredients, and the subscription box includes four seasonally themed colors, one top/base coat, a 2oz polish remover that's soy-based. It's non-acetone and moisturizes your hands.

You also get a few extras to use when you do your manicure, like lint wipes, files, buffers, and even a travel pouch. As a bonus, you're free to cancel or pause your subscription at any point.

ORLY is a big name in the nail polish market, and its colors and formulas are excellent. If you want to get your hands on an ORLY box, there are two subscriptions available: quarterly or annual. The first costs $36 per box, and the other is $119.

If you subscribe, you get six full-size polishes that are clean, meaning they're free of the most common chemicals found in nail polishes. You also get a surprise bonus item, like cuticle oil or a top or base coat, for example. Plus, you also get early access to seasonal collections.

Since the value of the product you get is guaranteed to exceed the price you paid, it's quite the bargain.

My Mani Box focuses on nail stamping. Each box has a theme, inspiring you to get creative with your nails. If you find that a certain theme isn't to your liking, you can easily opt out.

A plus that some might consider a minus is that My Mani Box includes exciting and colorful designs. It's quite likely you won't find simple ones with neutral tones, so if that's your preference, look elsewhere.

There are two options to choose from: My Mani Box (for shorter nails) and My Mani Box (XL- for long nails). They both cost the same, starting from $35 and reaching up to $360. Every box comes with two stamping plates and a nail stamping accessory. You also get an additional nail product that can range between one and three additional items.

Get Creative at Home and Save Some Coin

Getting your hands on a nail art subscription box gives you a chance to try out many different styles. You can do some nail stamping and see how you like it, do different nail designs with wild accessories, or see if gel polish is something you can do.

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