Solve Any Math Equation With Symbolab

If you haven't heard about Wolfram Alpha, then you probably aren't interested enough in facts, data, or the Star Trek computer. The computational search engine does a few things that even Google can't do, and also has its everyday productive uses.

In short, it's a great educational tool, and everyone should check out Wolfram Alpha's Problem Generator. But every dumbfounded student knows that you need more than one lasso to tame the perils of mathematics... so enter Symbolab Math Solver.

A Search Engine for Equations

Think of it as an answer engine that can help you make sense of any math equation.

Math is a scientific "language" -- and like any other language, the meaning of a math expression changes with context. Symbolab is meant to be a search engine for discovering the meaning of an equation, and it helps you do that not with search keywords but with mathematical symbols.

Symbolab uses machine learning and semantic search to understand and give step-by-step solutions to algebraic, trigonometric, statistics, and calculus topics. There is a section for chemical equations as well.

The examples section contains some examples to see the flow of the site. Selecting an example will take you to the Solutions page. You can click see more in order to see more examples. Try a math problem of your own with the pad and the input box. 

The step-by-step solution helps you work through the explanation. You have the option to hide the steps and work through it on your own. Here are some key features:

Math is a mental game. So, try the DIY approach first. If it doesn't work, then use Symbolab to break down the solutions and understand the individual parts of the problem.

Is Symbolab one of the more comprehensive math education tools on the web? Can it help you conquer your fear of math?

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