7 Free Online Puzzle Makers for Your Own Challenges

If you like solving puzzles, then maybe you'll enjoy creating them too! From connect the dots to crossword puzzles to word searches, you can create a challenging brain teaser for every taste and everyone.

Create a puzzle for your class, your daycare kids, a bridal shower game, or just for some family entertainment. If you're ready to have a little fun yourself while creating a cool puzzle for a pal, this collection of free online puzzle makers is just what you need.

Picture Dots is a simple web service that lets you create dot-to-dot puzzles from digital pictures. You start with an image that you fetch from anywhere online. Then, click to place the dots on the picture where you want them.

When you finish, you can share the puzzle's link with your friends and challenge them to solve it or create a PDF to print and hand out.

The best puzzles are featured and displayed to each Picture Dots user when they log into their free account. But you can also view puzzles that others create by clicking View All Puzzles on the main page.

As one of the few connect the dots generators available online for free, Picture Dots makes puzzle creating fun.

For a different set of puzzle types, check out PuzzleFast. You can, of course, create word searches and crosswords, but the site also offers scrambled word jumbles, number searches, and matching puzzles.

Once you pick your puzzle type, give it a name and then enter the details and clues in the box. Click Make My Puzzle and you'll see your challenge along with the answer key.

You can increase or decrease the text size, print, remake, or save your puzzle. You can also get a link to your puzzle, embed it on your website, or open and print it.

Puzzle.org is a nifty site that lets you create eight different types of puzzles. Choose from a word puzzle like a crossword or search, or a visual challenge like a memory game or sliding puzzle.

You can use your own images for the visual puzzles which makes it a cool option for a friend or family member. Use a photo of a pet, family gathering, or night on the town for something unique.

The word puzzles have tons of flexibility. Create a cryptogram with your own sentence and decide the directions of the words in a word search.

When you finish creating a puzzle, just click the Save button on the right. You'll then get a link to your puzzle that you can share.

The puzzles you make on Puzzel.org are free, but for teachers or others who want to create puzzles regularly, there are paid options. You can make unlimited puzzles, use your own styling, and remove the ads.

The Discovery Education Puzzlemaker lets you pick from 10 different types of puzzles. Pick a word search or crossword, make math squares or a maze, or be secretive with a hidden message puzzle or cryptogram.

Each kind of puzzle has its own set of options. For instance, if you create a word search, you can pick the size of the puzzle by letter count. Or for a maze, you can choose the shape and path directions.

When you finish your puzzle, you can share the link to it or print it for your solvers. Each of the puzzles listed are available for free and there are a few premade puzzles for teachers to check out.

With the Instant Online Puzzle Maker you can create a word search or crossword puzzle in three easy steps. Choose the type you want to make or do both for even more fun.

For a word search puzzle, enter one word or phrase per line in the text box. Keep in mind that the longest line will determine the size of the puzzle. You can also list clues with your words to make things more interesting.

For a crossword puzzle, you'll fill out the details similarly. Enter your word followed by the clue on each line. Your clues can be as long as you like.

Your finished puzzles come in three forms: good (free), better, and best (both paid). If you go with the free version, you'll see the image of it that you can print. The paid versions give you options to buy one puzzle or subscribe and create an unlimited number. These come in the form of PDF files.

Maybe those you want to create a puzzle for simply love word searches. Luckily for you there's a site called Word Search Labs that's a dedicated online word search puzzle maker. It couldn't be easier to use and is completely free.

When you land on the site, enter your puzzle title and then list the words you want to use. You can then choose which directions to arrange the words and the size of the puzzle by the number of letters across. So that you can edit the word search later and view the answer key, create a passcode.

Click to Preview your puzzle. You'll see the words for the search in bold as your answer key. If you want to rearrange the letters differently, click Regenerate. If you're happy with your puzzle, click Save. You can download your puzzle as a PDF or Word document or grab a link and share it.

As a bonus, you can challenge yourself with puzzles created by others. Just click the link at the top for Find a Word Search.

Even though this puzzle creator is on The Teacher's Corner website, it works just fine for anyone who is looking for an online crossword puzzle maker.

Enter a title, adjust the instructions if you like, and enter your words and clues. You can choose up to three font styles to use and decide if you want to use the words "Across" and "Down" or "Horizontal" and "Vertical" in the clue area. Click Make Crossword Puzzle when you finish.

You'll then see a preview of your puzzle with some great customization options for adding a Name field, formatting the title and instructions, and adjusting the clue section appearance. Save your puzzle as an image or PDF, or just print your puzzle.

If crosswords are your favorite types of puzzles too, take a look at these sites and apps crossword lovers need to know.

Share Your Love of Puzzles

Puzzle lovers know that a great puzzle is not just fun but satisfying to solve. And when you have a puzzle theme that's personalized, it's even better! Hopefully, you'll take advantage of one of these online puzzle makers.

Looking for some challenging puzzle games for yourself? Check out these brain teasers for Chrome or some relaxing puzzles for your iPhone.

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