Create a Dancing Character for Fun

Are you bored and looking for a way to have fun online? What about creating  a dancing characters  with your pictures? A Swedish band has come up with a wonderful fun app that will help you do just that. The app is called "The Ugly Dance".

The Ugly Dance is a free to use website and an interactive work of art by the Swedish band Fulkultur. The site plays one of the band's popular songs and gives you a character that moves to the beat.

The dance moves can be determined by you. In the lower left pane you can choose the leg movements and in the lower right pane you can choose the arm movements. By alternating the options, you can make your character do an "ugly dance".

The entire thing is hilarious with a picture of somebody you know. Through a click in the top left you can start creating your own dance character through a simple picture of yourself or a friend. You can then obtain a unique URL of your character and share it with your friends.

Although the site is free to use, the song it plays stops playing when it ends. But you can make a donation on the site and download the song if you want.


Check out "The Ugly Dance" @

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