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- Art Conciente
- Youth Arte Haven
- Ong Acasa
- Circo Picolino
- Projeto Dida
- Projeto Axe
- Projeto Cultural

These programs are all based in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil and are vital to the life chances of favela (slum) children and youth confronted by a constant struggle to survive.

For more information about these grassroots programs please visit the Rhythm of Hope website and blog at:



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Volunteer in Brazil
If you are traveling to Brazil and wish to spend time volunteering during your trip please contact Phillip Wagner at Rhythm of hope [email protected]

"Let your heart feel for the afflictions and distress of everyone, and let your hand give in proportion to your purse."
- George Washington

Our Vision is to empower disadvantaged at-risk children and youth through programs which provide or enhance education to help end the cycles of poverty and violence. We launched our "Cares Program" to reciprocate with the communities that share their beauty and culture with our clients.

We currently support Rhythm of Hope in Brazil, a non profit 501C3 founded in 2004, which is dedicated to increasing life chances, and improving the quality of life, for people in marginalized communities. Rhythm of Hope works with both well-known programs in Brazil and some that no one has ever heard of. These programs help to stabilize violent communities and pre-empt violence in vulnerable communities by constructively transforming the lives of desperately poor children, juveniles and, in some cases, adults.

Our Mission For every client who travels with us, we donate $50 of our profits to help educate or support the education of at-risk children and youth in marginalized communities. We encourage and enable our clients who want to "leave a footprint" to also support the projects we have undertaken in cooperation with the local communities.

We give our clients direct and personal opportunities to either donate a percentage of there trip to support programs of social change, scholarships and or volunteer while they are traveling to Brazil.

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Report from the Streets from Felipe do Brasil
brazil social program
When I was first introduced to Arte Consciente it was working with 160 children and youth, but could only do so in the street because it had no 'place' in the community. I took this photo of Alex with some of his percussion students on my first day in Saramandaia. Alex is the current president and the moral force of Arte Consciente. To read more please click here to visit Rhythm of Hope Blog called "The Chronicles of Felipe do Brasil".

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