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  Porto de Galinhas  

The magazine "Guia 4 Rodas" (Brazil's equivelent to AAA) voted Porto de Galinhas the #1 beach in Brazil 7 Years in row. So needless to say it's a Honeymoon destination that offers some of our favorite resorts and a cute local village where one can collect trinkets and t-shirts with little spotted chickens on them. Wait, let me start at the beginning, the name Porto de Galinhas means "Chicken Port", this is the new name, it was previously named Porto Rico when slaves were brought in to work the fields of sugarcane. The name was changed to reflect the new cargo of the area "chickens" from Europe. This destination was more well known to Europeans, until now, because Delta has opened the route direct from the USA, so let's say Americans will now find this a very nice beach option and entry point into Brazil.

Located just a short 45 minute Drive south from Recife, in the town of Ipojuca, the district of Porto de Galinhas became one of the most sought tourist destinations in Brazil. The paradisiacal landscapes of its ten beaches and the occurrence of sunshine three hundred and sixty-five days a year make the place the ideal destination for those who wants to relax or practice sports such as diving and surfing. Generally speaking, the beaches of Porto de Galinhas have transparent calm waters, huge coconut trees, and fine while sands. The natural swimming pools that are formed on the beaches is the best option for relaxing swimming, especially for the children, who will find several species of colored fish in its waters. Those who love sports such as surfing, windsurfing, and diving also find in this beach the perfect place to practice them. The beaches of Muro Alto, Cupe, and Maracaípe, as well as Santo Aleixo Island, offer the best options, with their stronger taller waves.

Another attraction in Porto de Galinhas area the growths of mangroves, that compose almost 60 km (37.28 mi.) of vegetation on the beaches of the Pontal de Maracaípe and Camboa. The rides on the swamp can be done on foot, or in kayaks and rafts, accompanied by local guides. There it is possible to see animal species such as crabs, oysters, aratus (small crabs, of squarish shape), and guaiamus (Cardisoma guanhumi, type of crab, typically found in growths of mangroves). Those who arrive in the area soon hear about the gigantic baobab, too. It is a tree that is more than 400 years old, located in the district of Nossa Senhora do Ó. The baobab was planted by black slaves, and its trunk is so thick that it takes 20 adults to fully embrace it. From September to March, the real stars of Porto de Galinhas are the sea turtles. The species gests to the area to lay its eggs, and the nests are located between the areas of Pontal de Maracaípe and the beach Muro Alto. In each nest approximately 120 eggs are laid, and the birth of the nestlings happens at night. Besides its attractions to be enjoyed during the day, Porto de Galinhas is absolutely charming at night, too. One of the most visited places is the Vila de Todos os Santos (All Saints' Village), an important gastronomical center located on the beach of Maracaípe. There we find the best options for those who can not live without the finest cuisine. For those who prefer dancing, the best place to go to are the nightclubs and bars of Porto de Galinhas, generally featuring live music.
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