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  Iguassu Falls  

Iguassu Falls borders with Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay and is one of world's great natural phenomena and really one of the “don’t miss” sites of South American. The surrounding Atlantic forest is what makes the Parque Nacional Iguazu so special: This subtropical nature reserve is enjoyed by jeep, walking and rafting tours on the Brazil and on Argentina side. Iguassu Falls are undoubtedly one of the greatest natural wonders of the world, and were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Iguacu has two airports, one on the Argentina side and one on the Brazil side. A visa is required for traveling to the Brazil side, when touring Brazil (having already secured a visa for Brazil, visiting Argentina does not require a visa to visit for the day. Let me explain why both sides is important so you don't miss anything... When you are on the Argentina side you see only the top of the River and the large "Devil's Throat", the widest and most incredible main falls in the park. When you are on the Brazil side you see tons of smaller falls, very picturesque and sprawling across the entire vista of the Argentina side.

The Falls are most impressive and spectacularly beautiful from October through June. July and August it gets a little cold to get soaked and fight the mist. By the end of the summer dry season, around March, the volume of water crashing over the cliffs is reduced by a third, but even then there is no reduction in impact, with the added attraction of the rainbow effects form the splashing of falling water and the deep-blue sky.

The Falls is a great add-on destination for any trip because you can see it in one night two half day tours if you want the abbreviated experience. If you add one more day you should visit Itaipu Dam and of you have 3-4 more days we suggest a retreat to the Yacutinga Lodge just 1.5 hours up in the missions. This is a real experience of life in the jungle in comfort and brings all the precious diversity of the rainforest alive.
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