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Manaus is a modern, growing city, dominating Brazil's largest frontier. Manaus has fine hotels and restaurants offering international cuisine and delightful local dishes. Shopping is another attraction in Manaus, local arts and crafts are readily available throughout the area. Manaus is the ideal point of departure for visiting the rest of the Amazon region. Tour boats leave Manaus for day trips up the Rio Negro river (Black river). Highlights include: Swimming with the Pink Dolphins, visiting Indian tribes, Alligater spotting, Piranha fishing and seeing the meeting of waters where the black waters of the Negro River meet the lighter waters of the Solimões River flowing side by side without mixing for several miles.

Vip Tour Group offers many choices from Eco Lodges and slow boats to Private Luxury Yachts with a private chef and biologist. Visitors can also explore river banks and "igarapés", swim and canoe in placid lakes, or simply walk in the lush forest. The more adventurous may even choose to spend a night or two in the jungle in close contact with nature. The legendary Amazon is one of the planet’s enigmas. The world’s largest river basin, 2.5 million square miles (6.5 million square kilometers). The Amazon is the planet’s greatest rain forest, it is a vast open-air greenhouse of global evolution and unsolved mysteries whose true potential remains largely unknown and untapped.

It is possible to fly for hours over the Amazon region and see no break in the carpet of greenery except for the sinuous curves of the region’s rivers. Before the rubber boom of the 19th century, Manaus was a small, insignificant town. With rubber came rich and splendid architectural accomplishments like the Amazonas Theater (completed in 1896 and restored in 1929) with its neoclassic fa?ade and art nouveau interior including paintings by Capranesi and De Angelis. The green, yellow, blue and red dome is made up of tiles of tropical decor. It is a vast open-air greenhouse of global evolution and unsolved mysteries whose true potential remains largely unknown and untapped. The Amazon River dominates Brazil, yet Brazilians are only just beginning to discover it. The world’s largest rainforest, spanning more than half of the Brazilian territory, is where a tenth of the world¡¯s10 million living species make their homes. Within the Amazon Basin resides a wealth of life richer than any place else on earth, including500 mammals, 175 different lizards, 300 other reptile species, tree climbers of every kind, and a third of the world's identified bird species. Millions of species remain undiscovered. Two of the best places to see some of this incredible wildlife is at the remote lodges in our special fishing and eco-tours.
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