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Paraty, also spelled Parati (I don't think the locals worked that out yet) is one of our favorite destinations in Brazil. The reasons will become obvious when you arrive; It's the only destination that offers all the Best features of Brazil in one place. I am talking about the big 3! Spectacular Beaches, Culture (foodies & history buffs will adore this town)and Nature!

Paraty was declared an Historical Heritage site in 1958 and it still maintains one of the most harmonious architectonic complexes in the country. The colonial houses maintain the characteristics of the city’s foundation in the 16th Century. And its streets – made of stone – call the attention of those who come from abroad. Most of these streets have two names, one official and the other popular. The main attractions are in the Historical Center, which covers practically the entire city, and which offers several places that are open for visitation, such as the old jail, a fort, museums, houses with arts and crafts, and churches. Paraty was an important commercial center during the colonial period. In the 18th Century, its port was used to embark the gold brought from Minas Gerais over the old Gold Trail to the States of Rio de Janeiro. The following century, it served to export the coffee produced in the Paraíba Valley, located in the States of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The port lost importance with the laying of the railroad between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro at the end of the 19th Century, and the city went through a period when it was forgotten. Paraty’s beauty was only rediscovered after the opening of new roads during the 1970s, and it became an internationally famous tourist point, offering good inns and excellent restaurants to its visitors. Paraty is located in a bay with crystal clear, blue water. It also has many beaches – some of which are still without any urbanization, and fishing villages. For the more adventurous, there are boat excursions and excellent sites for diving at nearby islands.

The International Literary Festival is held every July. It gathers national and international authors of every genre for the release and dissemination of new publications, and the re-edition of great successes. There are also debates and lectures about the theme. There are inns for every taste in Paraty – very refined, simple, downtown, on the coast, away from town, near the river... The prices vary according to location. The region’s specialty is the famous Casadinho Shrimp, a typical dish of the local population. But it is difficult to find between February and May – the shrimp reproduction period - when fishing is prohibited. How to get there By Air: the city’s runway can only handle helicopters and small aircrafts. The Antonio Carlos Jobim Airport (RJ) is the nearest for domestic and international flights. After arriving there, it is possible to get to Paraty on small aircrafts or by highway. By Highway: Paraty is located along BR-101, which connects the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. With its calm, clear waters, Paraty can be considered the capital of Brazilian diving. Since it is a “bay within the bay of Grande Island”, it is rarely necessary to suspend any trip to sea due to bad weather. Several diving operators work in the region, and Paraty is the favorite place for baptizing first time divers. It is easy to rent clothes and equipment, get a boat, and even take a complete diving course. The most indicated locations for diving are the Catimbau, dos Ganchos, Comprida, dos Ratos, Meros and do Algodão Islands; and among the best beaches, there is the Praia Grande da Deserta. There are more than 300 brands of cachaça from several parts of Brazil, including the seven produced in the Paraty mills.
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