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  Chapada Diamantina  

Chapada Diamantina (Diamantina Plateau) In the heart of Bahia, Chapada Diamantina is cut by mountains, plateaus, rivers, rapids, falls, caves and clear water wells. It has numerous streams sprouting amidst the rocky walls. There are more than 35 rivers, the largest being Paraguaçu and Rio Preto. Owing to the relief variation and the many kinds of vegetation, fauna is quite rich. This a a very special hiking and cave diving destination and fauna include species such as hummingbirds, parakeets, parrots, capybara and smaller lizards can be seen very often. It houses small rodents, known as mocós, that adapt from the low calcareous hills to the sierra plateaus, up to great mammals of endangered species like onça-pintada (a Brazilian jaguar) and suçuarana (puma). It includes Parque Nacional da Chapada Diamantina.

The historical colonial town of Lençóis is our home base for daily hiking tours, each day visiting different sites and the old houses are also testimonials of the days of opulence the local aristocracy that lived from the riches and prestige originated from diamonds. It is interesting to walk on the streets and watch the city's architectural trace and the pavement, made with rocks of the region. Just to have an idea of what was the diamond commerce like in Lençóis, go and visit the house that seated the French Consulate. In fact, a commercial emporium where tha local aristocrats negotiated directly with Europe. The Sá family residence, that currently houses the city hall, is a mark of the opulence of the traditional families. The Adventure options in Chapada Diamantina are almost infinite, among the more than 50 cities, all of them offering touristic attractions that compensate the effort spent in a trekking with altitudes generally above 1,000 m. The major options are in the conservation stations: Chapada Diamantina National Park and Environment Protection Areas - APAs of Marimbus, Iraquara and Serra do Barbado. Lençóis, Andaraí, Mucugê and Rio de Contas centralize the major routes and provide the required touristic services and infrastructure.

Waterfall Tours and highlights include: Primavera Waterfall, the Halley or Paraíso Well, Color Sand Halls, Serrano, Ribeirão do Meio, Sossego Waterfall, Morro do Pai Inácio and Camelo Hill.
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