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  Fernando de Noronha  

With many paradisiacal beaches, very rich flora and fauna and incomparable landscapes, Fernando de Noronha is on the top of the list among the most visited and admired locations sought by tourists from Brazil and from all over the world. The archipelago's good environmental conditions have called the attention of environmentalists from the whole planet, so much so that the islands were granted the title of World Heritage of Humanity, granted by Unesco, in 2002. The Archipelago was visited for the first time around the year 1503, by Americo Vespuccio. It was invaded by French and Dutchmen, until the Portuguese, at last, took possession of it. Many historical sites show traces of these last colonizers: Vila dos Remédios, Vila da Quixaba, Parque de Sant'Ana and the ruins of the São Pedro do Boldró, Sto. Antônio, and N.Sª da Conceição Fortresses. With 21 islands, Fernando de Noronha stands over an area of 26 km². The main island, with that same name, is the only inhabited one, and the largest of all - it has 17 km². Part of it is occupied by the Fernando de Noronha National Marine Park, considered since 1988 an Environmental Protection Area (APA), with some 8 km². The purpose of that park is to protect the local fauna, flora and remaining natural resources. The park includes also all secondary islands. Its total area extends over 112,7 km², including its perimeter, with 60 km. It offers five predefined trails that may be visited after previous authorization given by Ibama (the Brazilian Environmental Protection Agency). The Archipelago hosts a population of approximately 2,100 people. Tourism is developed in a sustainable manner, offering the opportunity for a balanced encounter between men and nature in one of the most important ecological sanctuaries in the world. Noronha offer good infrastructure to service tourists: bank agency, police station, post office, tourism information office, hospital, Internet access, military police forces, a port, weather information, hotels and inns. In some inns, visitors have the chance to cohabit with local inhabitants, who have turned their humble houses into familiar or charming inns.

The predominant vegetation in Fernando de Noronha is composed of species typical of the Brazilian Northeastern arid vegetation, which loose their foliage during the dry season. In general, the local vegetation includes higher trees and bushes on the flatter surfaces. Between March and July, the island's vegetation is more exuberant, however during this period the possibility of heavy rains is considerably greater. In Fernando de Noronha there is a wide number of natural pools that allow for direct contact with the rich and exotic local sea fauna. The islands' waters are full of fish, sponges, algae, shellfish and coral reefs, among which the most abundant one in the archipelago, Montastrea cavernosa. At the Baía dos Golfinhos (the “Dolphins Bay”) belvedere, “rotator” dolphins can be observed in their natural environment. One of the most beautiful scenes in the island can bee observed every day during sunrise, when groups of dolphins enter the bay, into an area of calm and protected areas. Sea turtles may also be seen from November onwards, as they group on the water surface, when adult males compete for female partners, thus stating that specie's period of reproduction in the archipelago. The National Center for the Conservation and Care of Sea Turtles - better known as the TAMAR/IBAMA Project - since 1984 employs every effort to protect female turtles, eggs and reproduction locations and is constantly evaluating their population. These animals are protected according to the Decree that has established a prohibition on the capture, fishing and molesting of all species of turtles in Brazilian waters. The archipelago also hosts endemic species, animals brought about by man and, also, some migratory species.
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