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  Chapada Diamantina - 4 Days
  Chapada Diamantina earns its place on the list of ecotourism must-sees in Brazil. 3 days in Chapada, a paradise... Located in the heart of Bahia, cut by mountains, large plateaus, rivers, rapids, waterfalls, caverns and transparent pools of water. It has several springs sprouting from the rocky cliffs and more than 35 rivers – the largest are the Paraguaçu and Preto Rivers. Due to relief variations and to diverse forms of vegetation, the fauna is very rich and some species can be seen very easily, such as humming birds, parakeets, parrots, capybaras, and small lizards. It also has some small rodents, known as mocós (a kind of guinea pig) – which adapt from the feet of calcareous hills to the plateaus, over the mountain – and even some species of large mammals threatened with extinction, such as jaguars and pumas. Chapada Diamantina’s attractions are innumerous, which make it difficult to choose where to start. One of these is the Enchanted Well, which receives sun rays from 10:30AM to 12:30PM, allowing the observation – through turquoise blue water – of even the tiny stones deposited 61 m deep. It is located in one of the many caverns in the area and it is the Chapada’s most famous postcard. Chapada Diamantina National Park, occupies an area of 152,000 ha and the beauty found in the area is unique. Tours include hiking, some repelling which is optional and cave exploring.    
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Day 1– Lencois / Chapada Diamantina

Saturday Arrival at Lençois, Bahia. Private transfer and check in at Canto das Águas. Chapada Diamantina, It is one of the most fascinating natural parks of Brazil. The mountain scenery contains an extraordinary variety of ecosystems, like Cerrado, Mata Atlantica, and Stone fields, Caatinga. The bromeliads and orchids find a privilege ambiance, adapting themselves to the differences in climate, altitude. The cities that border the National park are filled with colonial buildings representing the architecture of the time, a vivid memory of the richness of the time of the diamonds, which made Brazil the first world producer of the mineral during the beginnings of the XX century. The trails opened by the garimpeiros (searchers of precious minerals) are opened today for the enjoyment of hikers and trekkers from around the world. The average altitude is over 3000 feet.

Afternoon Serrano River tour: A short walk to the Serrano natural hydro massage pools and then the colored sand caves nearby. Then a short trek to the Cachoerinha, Primavera and Paraíso falls for a swim in these mountain pools.

Day 2 - Lencois / Chapada Diamantina

Todays full day tour starts at Mucugezinho River with a short walk of about ten minutes downstream to the Devil’s Pool. This is the perfect location to swim. You can also go rappelling and ziplining if you like. The next stop is Pai Inácio Mountain, which is at 3,900 feet, there is a splendid view of the Chapada Chapada Diamantina. Pratinha cave is next with crystal- clear waters and tiny sea shells at the entrance of the cave creates an increadibly surprising oasis of beauty. A local guide can be hired to go scuba diving 390 feet into the cave with flippers and a flashlight. In the same area there is another cave called Blue Cave. It has this name because the sun rays enter at 2:00 o’clock pm and the light in the crystal water turns an unforgettable blue. Swimming is not permitted here. After a short drive we are at another cave; Lapa Doce Cave. It is a huge limestone cave with curious stalactites and stalagmites.

Day 3 - Lencois / Chapada Diamantina

Today our goal is to reach the Sossego waterfall, we will hike through the beautiful Sossego canyon. As we arrive we forget about the difficulties on the hike and take a relaxing bath on this superb waterfall. On our way back we will take another trail and will head to the "Ribeirão do Meio" known as the natural tobogan of the Chapada. After we head back to Lençois.

Day 4 - Lencois / Chapada Diamantina

Morning check out of hotel and private transfer to the airport in Lençois, connect to your departure city and your return flight back home.


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  Five Star Canto das Aguas
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Included: Price per person based on double occupancy. Accommodation Includes breakfast and taxes.

Not Included: Air transport and airport taxes; All drinks and personal expenses.

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