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Canto das Aguas
A stay at Canto das Águas Hotel is a must for those who appreciate fine accommodations with an attention to detail. The ambiance is one of comfort, surrounded by beautiful stone walls built in the traditional regional fashion, old wooden beams across the ceiling, the juxtaposition of walls painted in modern colors next to others plastered like old farm houses – a true architectural delight. The design of the hotel highlights cultural touches from every aspect of Brazil – the colonial, the urban and the countryside.

This wonderful artsy Brazilian character is expressed in the spacious public areas and in the architectural variety of the inviting rooms and suites. It is important to note that no two rooms are identical- and no two days at Canto das Aguas will be either! The hotel is renowned for its new project focused on the native plant species of the Chapada Diamantina. By collecting seeds in the mountains and fields, the hotel is recreating a new native Chapada environment on its grounds. One notable example is the hillside next to the massage cabana at the river side where nature is allowed to follow its own course, creating a beautiful array of native flowers and vegetation for the guests to enjoy.

Elsewhere on the grounds, you will find a beautiful large swimming pool, with a special area that is perfect for small children. Nearby is an immense leisure area with three cabanas for massages, reading rooms and open-air day beds that are integrated into the natural environment and invite you to relax to the sounds of the nearby river. A steam sauna is also available to help you completely relax and enjoy your stay. For those guests looking to be pampered after a day of hiking and exploring, the sauna is open daily providing special body treatments for a perfect ending to a day of sightseeing.

Creative chef Vagner Aguiar, and sous chef Carlos Alberto Marques have created a unique menu of tasty gourmet dishes at Canto das Aguas that guests rave about. All of the dishes are inspired by the local countryside, incorporating local meats, fishes and poultry as well as unique pasta dishes from scratch. Breakfast at Canto das Aguas consists of a large buffet of unique Bahia staples alongside scrambled eggs, cakes, breads, jellies and torts made from scratch in the hotel kitchen. A gourmet lunch box is also available for guests to take with them while sightseeing and hiking.

The Canto das Águas Hotel is very active in preserving the local culture and agriculture of the region. The hotel has been designed in such a way that it has integrated perfectly into its natural surroundings. These improvements include using clean solar energy to heat the hotel water and the use of wood from reforestation projects.

The Canto das Aguas Hotel received the certification of first sustainable hotel in Brazil from the ABNT - Brazilian Association of Technical Norms.

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