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Fasano Rio
The arrival of the Fasano in Rio was as important as the Delano’s arrival was to Miami in the 90’s in regards to changing the entire landscape of what’s now fashionable in Rio. With our gratitude, we are very pleased to have this incredible Philip Stark inspired boutique Hotel on Ipanema Beach as our VIP Tour Group “top pick” in Rio.

To most foreigners the name of Rogerio Fasano is not recognizable, but to Brazilians he was renowned as Brazil's leading restaurateur, with the oldest, most respected restaurant in Sao Paulo. In 2003, Fasano opened their first hotel right on top on the site of his historical and trendy restaurant and have since been tops in Brazil’s new boutique hotel race to grace.

The Fasano brings its incomparable hospitality to Rio de Janiero. The new Hotel is uniquely situated at the heart of Ipanema Beach. The décor is elegant and understated with signed pieces of the 50’s and 60’s. A meeting point for locals and travelers, the hotel features the lobby lounge, Londra with live music and a London Pub scaled way up, and most prominent, the traditional Italian Seafood restaurant AL Mare, Rogerio Fasano’s Gastronomic Restaurant.

The rooftop is only accessible for hotel guests with spectacular views of Ipanema Beach. It features a Pool, fitness center, sauna, message and a coffee shop for drinks and light meals. Limo service with bilingual drivers for transfers inclusive to take you to Gero the other celebrated Restaurant from the Fasano Family in Rio.

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